An Ode to Incredible Coworkers

A lot of quitting stories that stick out in my mind tend to end in some sort of epically victorious walkout. You've probably heard the like: the ex-employee is relieved to be free of the company that has held them in chains for so long. Last month (June 2017) I quit my job as a Product Manager at Paytronix Systems, Inc, and relief is not how I would describe my feelings.

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Americana at Atwood's

Let's set the scene for the evening.

Tucked away in a little corner of Cambridge, MA is Atwood's Tavern. Dim lighting, wooden decor, and empty bottles queued along the walls makes for an inviting yet equally mysterious venue. The contrast of warmth and intrigue creates an energy of anticipation. Ice cubes clink in glasses, chuckles sound across the bar, and patrons squeeze in among the tables to find standing room.

Enter the Kieran Ridge Band.

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