Finding Peace in Iceland

Things I did not know about Iceland before traveling there: 

  1. The population is less than 350,000
  2. "King beds" are really just two twins pushed together, with a separate comforter for each side
  3. Sheep roam absolutely everywhere...
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Lavender and Patchouli

We all have old friends from high school that we haven't spoken to in years. Many of these we will probably never see again, except for when we scroll past their latest post on our social media feed. A lot of the time, that's simply enough. That is normal and okay and how things should be. Recently, I started noticing Sabina on Instagram and became so impressed with her yoga prowess, her love of plants, her pretty vegan food. The photographer in me started to brainstorm a photoshoot. She's gorgeous, is totally talented at yoga, and has a website where she might want to use my photos...sounds like a win-win, right? Luckily, she agreed! (And was somehow not weirded out by my very random Instagram direct message.) We decided to...

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