Sunset Hike // Sharp Top, VA

I’d wanted to hike to the top of Sharp Top Mountain for a long time. Friends would rave to me about its 360-degree views and easy accessibility off the Blue Ridge Parkway. Let’s just say that Sharp Top made me feel very welcome.

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A Pilgrimage with My Father

We stopped at Wednesday Lake on the afternoon of our first day. The water was deep, dark, and refreshingly cool under the beating sun. As we swam, my father let out a huge sigh of relief. We were blissfully weightless after carrying forty-five pounds on our backs for…

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Sunrise Hike // McAfee Knob, VA

I’m 25, and I’ll admit it - I’m still afraid of the dark. Especially hiking in the dark. There’s something that makes me uneasy about how the woods are so big, and yet full of endless hiding places for creatures. But despite these fears, I knew I wanted to hike to McAfee Knob to see the sunrise because…

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Road Tripping through California and Oregon

Kian wanted to travel one more time before starting his second year of medical school - he just didn’t know where. We talked about Michigan, Colorado, Yellowstone National Park. Somewhere within driving distance to cut costs. And then Kian’s brother Cameron offered to let us borrow his car for two weeks, and our minds were instantly made up: we were going to California.

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A Taste of Ireland

Our first day in Dublin just happened to be the Women’s Mini Marathon, a race in which over 41,000 women participated. Men ran in the race too, many of them dressed up as women with terrible wigs and hilarious dresses. After the race, the pubs were full with…

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We ditched our electronics and wandered an hour south of Roanoke where cell service is scant and warm welcomes abound.

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Finding Peace in Iceland

Things I did not know about Iceland before traveling there: 

  1. The population is less than 350,000
  2. "King beds" are really just two twins pushed together, with a separate comforter for each side
  3. Sheep roam absolutely everywhere...
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Looking for Nostalgia in Nova Scotia

Earlier this year I read The Lobster Coast by Colin Woodard. Besides learning a ton of maritime history about my lovely home state as well as discovering just how interesting lobsters really are, I read quite a bit about Maine’s relationship with its neighbors like Massachusetts and Nova Scotia. One particular quote Woodard included about Nova Scotia that I couldn’t get out of my head was said by Richard Barringer, a professor at the Edmund Muskie School of Public Service at the University of Southern Maine:

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