We ditched our electronics and wandered an hour south of Roanoke where cell service is scant and warm welcomes abound. Three rousing hours at the Floyd Country Store's Friday Night Jamboree flew by as we danced and ate. The Country Store's atmosphere is unique because it is a family-friendly space where dancing with a stranger is more fun than awkward, and everyone from little wobbly toddlers to seniors deep into retirement stomp their hearts out to the live music. As someone who grew up with grandparents who lived far away, older people weren't a part of my everyday life. It's clear that, in Floyd, age truly is just a number and people are just people - all integrated into the fabric of the community. 

After leaving the Jamboree with smiles plastered on our faces, we drove with tired feet, full bellies, and happy hearts to the Mountain Rose Inn. We were promptly passed out between deliciously fine sheets.

In the morning, we enjoyed a daytime view of the inn's beautiful grounds, and gorged on a homemade three-course breakfast. We left wishing we had time to stay another night!

Next was a hike off of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Still full from French toast and frittatas, we took our time hiking through a cow pasture to the overlook. The sun was warm on our backs as we sat in silence, taking in the expanse of blue mountains and green landscapes on the cusp of spring.

With the mission of browsing antique shops and racks of vintage clothing, we made our way back to town. A visit to the book store turned into the purchase of a new-to-us record with old-time music reminiscent of our dancing from the night before. Our last top was the Red Rooster Coffee Shop, and we were completely blown away by the delicious food and cool industrial atmosphere. 

Visiting Floyd is always special. It's a tiny, beautiful, honest town with a rich culture that draws people from all over the world. I feel lucky that we'll only have to drive fifty-five minutes when we go back.