Ashton and Isabel: Graduation Portraits

It's not a graduation portrait session without caps, gowns, and of course - confetti. 

These two Radford grads-to-be are more than roommates, they're close friends - and who wouldn't want to do a photoshoot with their live-in BFF? When I learned Ashton and Isabel wanted to do their graduation portraits together, I knew it would be a lot of fun. As a dog lover, I was even more excited when Ashton asked if her pup Jack could come along.

During the shoot, it was clear to me why Ashton and Isabel have successfully maintained a healthy friendship while also being roommates for years. They're both easy to be around and yet they seem to have complementary personalities. The fact that they even wanted to commemorate their accomplishments and create memories together just shows that they mean a lot to each other.

A diverse range of outfits, props, and locations allowed us to create some really dynamic and entertaining shots. The confetti champagne bottles were definitely my favorite!