Americana at Atwood's

Let's set the scene for the evening.

Tucked away in a little corner of Cambridge, MA is Atwood's Tavern. Dim lighting, wooden decor, and empty bottles queued along the walls makes for an inviting yet equally mysterious venue. The contrast of warmth and intrigue creates an energy of anticipation. Ice cubes clink in glasses, chuckles sound across the bar, and patrons squeeze in among the tables to find standing room.

Enter the Kieran Ridge Band.


With fast fingers, narrative lyrics, and resounding vocals, the band captivated the crowd from the moment they stepped on stage. The room was packed with fans from near and far who came out to see the show.


It was their debut performance as a group, but you would never have guessed it. Kieran Ridge, Matt Jones, John Siemering, Matt Meuller, and Dave Igliozzi totally rocked the stage together. It was a blast to see them play. Catch them next at Atwood's Tavern on June 23rd!