Maggie // In-Home Boudoir Session

Boudoir photography is special. It involves a vulnerability that requires a certain type of mutual trust between the photographer and the subject. I was so excited for this boudoir session with Maggie Perrin-Key for three reasons:

First, Maggie is someone who makes a concerted effort to be in tune with herself, and I see this manifesting in various ways. Maggie takes time to care for herself and pay attention to what she needs. So if she has a burst of creative energy, she paints and paints and paints. If she is feeling drained, she’ll relax for the evening and take a luxurious bath. Maggie also creates a beautiful living environment by arranging thoughtful, quirky details that are meaningful to her. I was so looking forward to capturing Maggie awash in self-love in her lovely apartment.

Secondly, Maggie is an artist. She works incredibly hard to make her living as an oil painter. For a young person, she has made an impressive mark on the art world of Roanoke and beyond. She has solo exhibitions and speaks at conferences and has her hands in various creative brands in town. I knew that this shoot would be, more than anything, a creative collaboration.

I came over early on a Sunday and the streets were quiet and still. Most of Maggie’s neighborhood seemed to still be asleep. It was like we were the only ones awake as we moved about her apartment, exploring each room and searching for the right light. The sun was warm and I felt a free energy buzzing between Maggie and me. We worked through both laughter and silence as we walked the same hallowed path for a morning.