Carissa and Anna // Buffalo Mountain Elopement

Carissa and Anna’s mountaintop elopement was absolutely dreamy. Their small group of guests gave the ceremony an incredibly intimate feel, and the adventurous location seemed to suit the outdoorsy brides perfectly. Perhaps my favorite part of the day were the two West Highland Terriers who, with their bowties, were possibly the best-dressed members of our party.

After meeting at their house for some drinks and snacks, we all drove in a caravan to Buffalo Mountain. Our route took us through some rainstorms that made me nervous about getting stuck on top of a mountain in wet weather.Miraculously, all we ended up seeing in the skies were heavenly clouds with sunshine peeping through. Our hike up seemed to be easy for everyone - easy enough that one of Carissa and Anna’s friends could pick out quiet tunes on his guitar as we walked along. And, even with the October season under way, everything was still delightfully green.

Carissa and Anna met at the Women’s March in Roanoke, and had been together ever since. They were so wonderfully happy on their wedding day. I love how they decided to keep things simple. They wore comfortable clothes. They exchanged vows they’d written on artistic postcards. They toasted their loved ones with champagne in plastic flutes. It was uncomplicated and free of distractions, allowing the day to be about their love in a setting they love with the people they love.

It was an honor to witness and document this incredibly personal wedding! And, as an avid hiker myself, I relished the challenge of trying to capture the dynamic energy of the hike and do the beautiful panoramic views justice. Take a look through the gallery below, and let me know what you think in the comments!