Shelby and Ben's Vermont Wedding

Wedding Fast Facts

Where: Tiny Beautiful Town, VT

When: Late May

Venue: Backyard

Guests: 75

Dress: Vintage Blue Jack Bryan

Details: String lights, hanging lace lanterns, handmade-by-the-groom-and-his-father ceremony trellis, bridal party braid crowns with succulents (!!)


I was so honored that Shelby and Ben chose me to capture their wedding. It was a gorgeous Saturday filled with casual vibes, delicious barbecue, instant film camera shooting, and heaps of sunshine. Shelby and Ben just seem to make so much sense together, and the whole day reflected that. The ceremony itself was short and sweet, with spontaneous vows. All of the guests laughed and snacked and refilled their cups at the champagne fountain. The mother-son dance was to "Breakfast at Tiffany's". I got the impression that Shelby and Ben really cherished the time with their closest family and friends, and that that was what the event was all about: togetherness.

Some of my favorite shots include Ben's side smile when he sees Shelby walking down the aisle, the wedding party group photos, and the photos of the couple kneeling with their dog, Spaghetti. What a beautiful little family. Click on the photos below to take a tour through the day!