Lesley and Michael // Staunton, VA Wedding

This was one of those weddings where, even though my feet were killing me from walking around with heavy camera equipment all day, I had to stay and dance at the reception because it was just so fun. Lesley and Michael’s June wedding in Staunton, Virginia was a day full of happy tears, passionate kisses, and lively dancing. My favorite moments include:

  • Lesley slipping into her gorgeous and romantic dress

  • The groomsmen working hard to get the suspenders just right

  • Michael’s expression as Lesley read her vows to him

  • The bridesmaid dresses billowing in the wind during the walk from the church to the reception

  • Everyone’s delighted shock when the newlyweds were presented with a framed photo of them busting out a raunchy dance move at a previous wedding

Lesley and Michael are a beautiful couple, and it was clear the entire day that they are absolutely crazy for each other. It was also very apparent that they love spending time around other people. They were so happy to give all of their family and friends an evening to remember. When I asked them about their plans for a honeymoon, they told me they planned on celebrating their marriage in their newly finished house. With their abounding love for each other and thoughtful hospitality, I know they’ll have that house feeling like a home in no time.