Portland Engagement Session

I couldn't wait to meet with James and Sabina at Portland's Eastern Promenade for their engagement photo session. To say I was excited is an understatement! It may have had something to do with the fact that I've known James since I was nine, and Sabina since the three of us all went to high school together.

But here's the best part: James and Sabina were never even on each other's radar until their worlds collided in college, approximately five years after they met!


I think it's quite obvious that they are so happy to have "found" each other at last. When they told me they were awkward in front of the camera, I was laughing them off by the end of our session. They are just too gorgeous - and too in love! - to take a bad photo together. (Though, to be fair, I already knew Sabina's magic from these photos I took of her a year prior.)

They just crossed paths one evening out on the town, as college students so often do. Their familiarity with each other from high school made it easy for them to connect over a shared past. Like a light bulb that had been dark for years suddenly burning bright, they quickly realized they only wanted to be with each other.

Now, they share a home and the responsibility of caring for multiple cats and many, many plants. It was a joy to catch up with them both and see in person just how adorable of a pair they are.

The beachside setting, their piercing blue eyes and perfectly wavy locks, and the dreamy sunset made for a stunning evening. Congratulations Sabina and James!