This Beautiful Family Needs Your Help

Recently I had the special opportunity to photograph a wonderful family - but the session was not for the typical happy holiday card or cheery annual family portraits. Leslie Allison, a physical therapist who has worked with this family for some time, is working to help them acquire livable housing and needed a photographer to capture how lovely they are for a fundraising websitePlease visit the site and consider donating any amount of money to help this deserving family.

Jorge, the father and main provider for a family of seven, collapsed one day at home and underwent emergency lifesaving surgery - surgery that both revealed a diagnosis of brain cancer and also left his right side paralyzed. Though Jorge has worked hard to recover in intensive physical therapy with Leslie, he will never be able to work again.

His wife Gloria has been struggling to provide for their five young children ever since, but her meager hourly income eventually forced them to move into a one-bedroom apartment in a dangerous neighborhood.

They are a very affectionate family that clearly enjoys being together, but regardless they each deserve to have enough space at home to study without distractions or have a moment of alone time. In their current situation, this is not possible.

The kids are all so bright and good-natured despite the stress they are experiencing due to their father's illness and family financial distress. They still laugh, play jokes on each other, and express abounding curiosity. You would never know from passing them at the park that all of them share one bedroom with their parents.


Without help, this family will simply never be able to improve the awful circumstances that they have been dealt. Please visit the fundraising website to learn more about this family's story of struggle and love, and consider giving to their cause.